Publications and Resources


The LGK Petition

A statement of support for increasing public investments in early childhood.
Petition Form

Candidate Engagement Toolkit

A handout about how to broach the topic of high-quality affordable child care with candidates for office.
Candidate Engagement Toolkit

The Economic Impact of Child Care

Double-sided handout explains how high-quality, affordable child care benefits Vermont's children, families, businesses, and economy.
Economic Impact

What is Early Care & Learning?

Double-sided handout showing a sample day in the life of a provider as she serves the children and families in her program.
Early Care & Learning

Brain Science Handout

Double-sided document about early brain development and what children need to support healthy development. Useful for any audience.
Building the Brain 


Letter to the Editor Toolkit

This toolkit will walk you through the process of writing a letter to the editor of your local paper - an important way to make a big impact. Policy-makers and other leaders read letters to the editor to stay tuned in to the hearts and minds of their communities.
Letter to the Editor

No Small Matter Movie Screening Toolkit

No Small Matter is the first feature-length documentary to explore the most overlooked, underestimated and powerful force for leveling the playing field for children today: affordable access to high-quality child care. If you're interested in hosting a screening of No Small Matter, Let's Grow Kids can support you through this process. Please contact Shayla Zammuto for more information.
Contact Shayla

Kids Out Loud Flash Mob Toolkit

Energize and organize your community around a better future for Vermont kids with an aspirational, family-friendly event: a Kids Out Loud flash mob! You'll find all the resources you need to plan and execute a successful event in this toolkit.
Kids Out Loud 


2021 Legislative Agenda

LGK whitepaper detailing 3-year policy agenda for the Vermont Legislature to transform child care for children birth to five.
Legislative Agenda

Stalled at the Start

Report on the supply of and demand for regulated (licensed or registered) infant and toddler child care in Vermont.
Stalled at the Start - 2020
Stalled at the Start - 2018
Stalled at the Start - 2016

Growing Vermont's Kids: A Policy Vision for Early Care & Learning in Vermont

LGK policy statement outlining challenges facing Vermont kids and families, the opportunities to better support them, and what a comprehensive Vermont early care and learning system looks like.
Growing VT Kids

Strengthening the Foundation of Vermont's Early Care and Learning System

LGK's 2020 legislative action agenda containing concrete policy changes that will move us closer to our goal of affordable access to high-quality child care for all Vermont families.
2020 Legislative Action Agenda

"Access: The Need for More Early Childhood Educators in Vermont"

ECE Workforce Report

Vermont's Early Care & Learning Dividend Report

2017 Vermont Business Roundtable’s Research & Education Foundation report on the economic impact of investing in early care and learning in Vermont.
Vermont ECLD Report

Women, Work and Child Care

LGK and Vermont Commission on Women policy statement on the intersection of child care, the economy and gender equity in Vermont.
Women, Work and Child Care

Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care

2016 report on how we could expand Vermont's early care and learning system to make high-quality, affordable child care accessible to all children who need it.
BRC Report

Building Vermont's Future From the Child Up Summit Report

2017 report providing an overview of BBF's progress in engaging diverse stakeholders in a statewide effort to explore and develop recommendations for a comprehensive integrated early care and learning system.
Summit Report

Building Vermont's Future From the Child Up Think Tank Report

2018 report with recommendations for concrete, actionable steps that inform the development of Vermont's early care and learning system to a future that will serve the state’s children and families for generations to come.
Think Tank Report

Who's Who and What's What in Vermont's Early Care and Learning System

Report to help others in our state learn more about the system supporting Vermont's young children and their families.
Who's Who and What's What

"Investments in Early Childhood Development Yield High Public Returns"

Presentation by Rob Grunewald, economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, who visited Vermont in 2015 to speak to state legislators about investing in the early years.
Grunewald Presentation

"Young Children’s Early Care and Learning in Vermont"

A brief from NORC at the University of Chicago that provides key insights into the early care and learning practices, needs and perceptions of Vermont households with children under age six years.
NORC Report

"Leaders Grow the Economy by Investing in Infants, Toddlers and Families"

A case study of Let's Grow Kids' work to address Vermont's child care crisis, published by the Sorenson Impact Center for the National Collaborative for Infants & Toddlers (NCIT), powered by the Build Initiative.
NCIT Case Study

"How Philanthropy Can Support Systems-Change Leaders"

A study by the Bridgespan Group revealing for funders how to reimagine our country’s inequitable systems in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and intentionally lay the groundwork for more equitable ones, featuring Let’s Grow Kids.
Bridgespan Study