How we work
Our Values

How we work

We are change makers for children. Known for our transformational social mission and family-friendly policies, Let’s Grow Kids staff, board of directors, and volunteers include state government leaders, national nonprofit directors, business executives, marketers, grassroots organizers, and early childhood educators and administrators with proven successes creating social transformation, advocating for policy change, and upgrading Vermont’s child care system. Members of our 36-person staff team represent the identities of the communities in which they live and work. Over half hail from previous careers as early educators, and most have personal experience navigating Vermont’s child care system as parents.

How we work

We are committed to Vermont's children and believe that investing in the well-being of children, birth through five, is a catalyst for positive social change.

How we work

We are all about our community relationships. We support each other, our campaign partners, and advocates to realize shared success.

How we work

Within our organization and campaign, we are dedicated to building a system that promotes equity and diversity. This happens by always listening.

How we work

We pay attention to and adapt readily to our ever-changing environment in order to achieve our campaign goals.

How we work

In addition to our focused, coordinated, data-driven approach to our work, we are always collaborating and communicating with those around us—we go further by working together!

How we work

We are intentional about sharing clear and timely information about our work, priorities, mission, and values. We seek to build trust—the foundation of a better future for all.

How we work

“I believe that if you want to have a deep, positive impact on our world, you have to start with children.”

ALY RICHARDS | CEO, Let’s Grow Kids


Our Commitment to Inclusion

By building an organizational culture that is open and inclusive, we create a space where people feel heard, where differences are embraced, engagement is apparent, and the contributions of all are encouraged, valued and respected. We are doing this by:

Exploring and challenging our individual and organizational assumptions, subconscious biases and world views and paying attention to how they impact our relationships and our work.

Building bridges and establishing relationships across differences and encouraging diversity in staff, volunteers, supporters, board members, partners, funders, contractors, consultants and thought leaders.

Facilitating opportunities that encourage participation from diverse stakeholders.

Influencing inclusive early childhood education systems that are designed so that every Vermont child has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Let’s Grow Kids is committed to work and drive toward justice through equitable access to high-quality early childhood education in Vermont. Let’s Grow Kids shares the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s vision of early learning communities that teach our children to:

“Express comfort and joy with human diversity; to increasingly recognize injustice; and to have the will and the skills to act against prejudice.”

We commit our organization and ourselves to being anti-racist in all aspects of our work, and build our internal capacity for equity work, support a more inclusive movement, and invest in an equitable early childhood education system.

We commit to listen actively, to learn openly, and to examine and question our privilege and tolerance of systemic racism, in order to disrupt structures of oppression.

Our values are the foundation to ensuring affordable access to high-quality child care for all Vermont families by 2025. Learn more about How We’ll Get There, and join Vermont’s Child Care Campaign today:


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