How We're Solving Vermont's Child Care Crisis
Our Approach

How We're Solving Vermont's Child Care Crisis

Affordable access to quality child care for all Vermont children is ESSENTIAL to healthy, strong families; a robust workforce; a resilient economy; and a more equitable society for us all. 

Together, we can build a brighter future for Vermont. 

Together, we can create a child care system that centers equity, affordability, and quality so that families can find child care that meets their needs, values early childhood educators, and enables Vermont’s communities to thrive. Here is our approach to making that happen:


Policy Change

On June 20, 2023 lawmakers united together and passed Vermont’s most comprehensive child care bill into law. The 2023 Child Care Bill — Act 76 — makes Vermont's child care system one of the most expansive in the nation. The bill will stabilize Vermont’s child care sector and makes a quantum leap forward in providing access to affordable, quality child care for all Vermont families who need it.


Our Approach to Public Policy Change

Ensuring affordable access to equitable, quality child care requires significant public policy change and substantial public investment. That’s why we work with supporters across the state to effect change in the State House and at all levels of government.

  • We work with child care champions within the Vermont Legislature and Administration to generate political will among elected officials to create policy change that prioritizes Vermont’s children, families, and early childhood educators.
  • We collaborate with partners from many sectors — including early childhood, business, social services, economic security, education, and health care — to inform our work and strengthen the movement.
  • We support all Vermonters by helping them connect with their elected representatives so they can share their story about why investment in child care is a priority for Vermont.

While there’s still more work to do to achieve the child care system Vermont needs, we’ve made monumental strides to ensure affordable access to quality child care for all Vermonters! Check out our impact summaries for the latest achievements.

People Power

Our community organizers work closely with individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities to understand their child care needs; share their stories; and help turn passion into power. Through community organizing, voter education, candidate engagement, and advocacy training, we mobilize child care champions statewide to advocate for a child care system that works for all Vermonters.

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Programs Innovation

We work closely with a wide range of early childhood education partners statewide to implement solutions that address the biggest challenges facing early educators and the families who rely on their success. These solutions include:

  • Resources to increase quality child care capacity;
  • Scalable technology to facilitate business administration;
  • Workforce development initiatives that grow and prepare Vermont’s early childhood education workforce to meet demand and deliver quality and culturally and linguistically responsive experiences to all Vermont children who need care.
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