When We Work Together
We Can Transform Child Care

When We Work Together

Making sure children from all backgrounds have affordable access to high-quality child care is an important step in ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity to succeed in school and life. With legislative change, Vermont families will have less financial strain and more work opportunities, and early childhood educators will be equitably compensated. Together, we can create a child care system that is accessible, affordable, high-quality, and accountable.


Policy Change

Because of child care champions like YOU, the 2021-2022 legislative biennium was a huge success for Vermont’s child care system. Thank you for being a child care champion – you are the reason we’ve never been closer to transforming Vermont’s child care system for good!

Here’s what we have achieved together:

In 2021, the legislature passed H.171/Act 45, which laid the foundation for our future work to achieve equitable, high-quality, affordable child care for all Vermont children birth-five.

In 2022, the Legislature made incremental investments to stabilize the child care system, while continuing to work toward the goals outlined in H.171/Act 45. Investments included:

  • Family affordability: $4.9 million increase to the Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP) to support families and programs;
  • Workforce retention and recruitment: Funding for retention bonuses for staff working in regulated child care programs, and to support high school students interested in starting a career in child care through pre-apprenticeships;
  • Long term transformation: Language authorizing funding for the Child Care Financing Study outlined in H.171/Act 45;
  • And more!

And we’re not done yet.

Thanks to your efforts, we have laid the groundwork for our biggest ask yet in 2023: Securing public investment needed to fully implement the promises laid out in H.171/Act 45 so that:

  • No family spends more than 10% of their income on child care;
  • Early childhood educators are fairly compensated; and
  • All families can access programs that meet their needs.

So let’s take a moment to celebrate the amazing victories we achieved together this biennium by thanking your legislators for investing in child care, and then let’s get ready to get out into our communities this summer and fall during election season.

Learn more about our policy agenda and sign our petition in support below.

STATUS OF H.171/ACT 45 Legislative Recap The Road to 2025

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When you sign our petition, you're joining Vermont's Child Care Campaign alongside nearly 40,000 Vermonters saying together:

"I support prioritizing children and increasing public investments in high-quality,
affordable child care to ensure every Vermont child has a strong start."

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Here's Our Plan Year-By-Year:


In 2021


In 2021, we worked with our partners and legislative champions to help pass H.171 (The Child Care Bill), which makes immediate investments in Vermont’s child care system and sets a path for long term transformation by establishing state goals for affordability and compensation for early childhood educators.

In 2022


We will work together to continue our progress toward lasting change in Vermont’s child care system by continuing on the path laid out by H.171 (the child care bill) and supporting programs to be strong and stable. We will also take immediate action to respond to Vermont’s urgent child care workforce crisis. Experts will analyze possible stable, long-term funding sources for our transformed child care system. Plus, via the Let’s Grow Kids Action Network, supporters like you will organize your communities to elect legislators who are child care champions.

In 2023


Our campaign goal in 2023 will be passing a bill that funds a child care system for Vermont that is accessible, affordable, high-quality, accountable, and sustainable.

In 2024


We’ll work with early childhood educators and our partners all over Vermont to set up our transformed child care system.

In 2025


Your donations and support will transform our shared successes into reality for Vermont children, families, and early childhood educators, until Let’s Grow Kids sunsets in 2025.

People Power

Our community organizers work closely with individuals, businesses, organizations and communities within Vermont’s child care movement to understand the needs, share stories, and help turn passion into power through community connections and collaboration, voter education and turnout, and advocacy training and tools. Together we stand ready to use our collective power to achieve our common vision for this transformational investment and systems change.

When We Work Together

How You Can Help

Join the Campaign

The next step in the movement for high-quality, affordable child care for all Vermont families starts now! With support from champions like you, we can ensure every Vermont child has the equal opportunity to learn, thrive, and reach their full potential.


Programs Innovation

We work closely with a wide range of early childhood education partners throughout the state to implement solutions that address the biggest challenges facing early childhood educators and the families who rely on their support and success; including resources to increase high-quality child care capacity; scalable technology to facilitate business administration; and workforce development initiatives to grow and prepare Vermont's early childhood education workforce to meet demand and deliver high-quality, culturally and linguistically responsive, early childhood education experiences to all Vermont children who need care.

When We Work Together

When You Give a Gift

Your support goes directly towards building a just, equitable, and sustainable high-quality child care system that meets the needs of all Vermonters. As you know, our shared work is more important than ever right now.
But because of you, change is possible! 


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