Corporate Sponsorship Program
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Corporate Sponsorship Program

Support your employees by supporting Vermont’s Child Care Campaign, network with businesses across the state who share your passion for this mission, and enjoy exceptional marketing reach and affinity with Let’s Grow Kids. Become a sponsor today!


$2,500 includes:

  • LET’S GROW KIDS ON THE GO! The Let’s Grow Kids van is a visible and mobile symbol of our campaign. We’ll add your logo and travel statewide to inspire volunteers.
  • CHILD CARE IS ESSENTIAL TOOLKIT You’ll be provided with a customizable toolkit to help you promote the campaign among your employees.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA GRATITUDE POSTS We look forward to sharing our gratitude for your support with our social media following across all channels.
  • IMPACT REPORT Acknowledgement of your company’s leadership within twice yearly impact updates reaching thousands of Vermonters.
  • WEBSITE Your logo will feature prominently on our website, showing your clear support for the campaign and your commitment to Vermont’s children.

$5,000 includes benefits above plus:

  • CURATED, JOINT PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Collaborate with Let’s Grow Kids communications team to achieve your company’s marketing goals.
  • EMAIL OUTREACH Add your company name and logo to our email communications reaching tens of thousands of Vermonters each week.

$10,000 includes all benefits above plus:

  • INCLUSION IN PRESS RELEASES Make sure your business is associated with the campaign for Vermont’s child care system through inclusion in our press releases.
  • IMPACT CALLS Join CEO Aly Richards, board members, and special guests at these events designed to highlight specific areas of the campaign.

$25,000 includes all benefits above plus:

  • BOARD & FRIENDS ANNUAL MEETING You’re invited to attend intimate cocktail or dinner gatherings with the Board and key stakeholders for discussion and good company.

Become a Sponsor

To support Let’s Grow Kids with a Corporate Sponsorship, please contact Hannah Burnett, Director of Campaign Giving at or 802-391-0891.

Double Your Impact: Did you know? Your company may offer a matching donation when you give to Let’s Grow Kids. Ask your employer about their matching gift programs today.

For information about supporting your employees’ child care needs, click here.

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