Apr 28, 2022

Vermont Public: VT's child care shortage affects more than parents and providers. The economy takes a hit too

Live call-in discussion: Vermont's child care system is broken. Waitlists at child care centers across the state are months or years long. Once a spot opens up, many families find the price tag can be prohibitively expensive. And many child care providers are struggling to keep their doors open amid labor shortages and COVID-19 infections. This hour, we're looking at Vermont's child care crisis and how it affects local businesses. Listen to the show here.

The problem has wide-reaching ramifications. Many Vermont employers have a hard time recruiting and retaining employees who can’t find steady child care. Attendance and child care disruptions for working parents cost Vermont employers millions of dollars per year. Ultimately, that hurts the state's workforce and economy at a time when the government is trying to lure more workers to the state.

Our guests are:

  • Samara Mays, owner of Montpelier Children's House
  • Aly Richards, chief executive officer of Let’s Grow Kids
  • Sam Hooper, owner of Vermont Glove in Randolph

Listen to the show here.

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