Jan 17, 2023

Statement from Vermont's Child Care Campaign on the Early Care and Education Financing Study

The following is a statement from Aly Richards, CEO of Let’s Grow Kids in response to the Early Care and Education Financing Study released today:

“The Early Care and Education Financing Study confirms there is a direct path forward in the 2023 legislative session to create a quality, affordable child care system through long-term public investment. This study from the RAND Corporation, put into motion by the State Legislature after the passage of H.171, is the next step in solving Vermont’s child care crisis.

“The study’s in-depth cost analysis shows that a child care system where every child has access to quality child care, families spend no more than 10% of their income on child care, and early childhood educators are fairly compensated, is well within reach. We support the study’s funding estimate of $279 million in additional public investment so quality child care is accessible for Vermont’s children and families. The public financing recommendations laid out in the study are fiscally responsible and will make our state more affordable. The study also reinforces that an equitable, affordable child care system will provide a much needed boost to our labor force, allowing thousands of parents on the ‘workforce bench’ right now due to a lack of child care, to get back to work – filling critical jobs throughout our state.

“This study is what over 35,000 child care advocates, employers, and our elected officials have been waiting for. The findings and recommendations here are the key resource lawmakers need to finalize the draft bill they’re working on to pass this session. Vermont’s Child Care Campaign looks forward to supporting this effort every step of the way.”

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