Jan 5, 2023

Statement from Vermont’s Child Care Campaign in Response to Governor Scott’s 2023 Inaugural Address

The following is a statement from Aly Richards, CEO of Let’s Grow Kids, in response to Governor Scott’s Inaugural Address:

“Solving the child care crisis is the most effective way to achieve the governor’s stated goal of making Vermont more affordable and ‘shortening the distance between reality and opportunity’ for all Vermonters. When we take bold action to bring down child care costs, improve quality and increase compensation for early childhood educators, the result is a more affordable and livable Vermont.

“We can no longer afford half measures and small investments. Vermonters are asking state leaders to solve the child care crisis. The Governor’s lack of emphasis on child care today is out of touch with the needs of Vermont families and businesses, and is a missed opportunity to improve our economy and set up our youngest children for future success.

“As the Governor lays out his budget proposal, Vermonters are calling on him and his administration to listen to their needs: a child care system that supports children, families, the workforce, and employers. In order to move Vermont forward, we must fully address this crisis and that means long-term public investment.

“Lawmakers from across the political spectrum and from every corner of the state, in particular rural Vermont, are making child care a top priority. They are hard at work on legislation to fully bring an end to the child care crisis. In this moment, if we are to truly ‘transform what is into what can be’ it will take courage and bold leadership. Now is the moment.”

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