Jul 5, 2022

Statement from LGK CEO Aly Richards, in response to VT Child Care and Early Childhood Education Systems Analysis Report

Below is an official statement from Let’s Grow Kids CEO Aly Richards, in response to the recently released report Vermont Child Care and Early Childhood Education Systems Analysis:

“This early childhood education systems analysis details what we’ve known for years. Our child care system isn't working for anyone – not for families, children, early childhood educators, and certainly not for our workforce and economy. The current system is severely under-resourced and under-invested in, and the findings here come as no surprise, as our state and nation have never prioritized our youngest children. This report is not about finger-pointing – it’s about advocates, stakeholders and lawmakers coming together to create a system that works for everyone.

“We agree with the report’s primary recommendation of consolidating operations and funding for Vermont’s early childhood education system. We need a system that reflects the values and goals of H.171 and ensures we have leadership at every level dedicated to giving our children a strong start. Creating an empowered state entity focused on overseeing the funding and programming that serves our youngest children will go a long way in ensuring that they get off to the strongest start possible. It’s also essential that this new entity prioritize professional support for early childhood educators and be an effective communicator to child care programs, parents and stakeholders.

“This report is a crucial step in what early childhood education advocates view as the ultimate goal, transforming and investing in a statewide child care system that is affordable and accessible for children and their families, compensates educators professionally and fairly, and is accountable to those most impacted by policies.”

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