Jul 10, 2024

Here are the Act 76 Milestones Rolling Out in July

Here are the Act 76 Milestones Rolling Out in July

There's been some incredible child care progress as a result of Act 76, from the opening of brand new child care centers to expanded eligibility for child care tuition assistance! As of July 1, three big Act 76 milestones rolled out, so let’s dive into what’s NEW and what’s NEXT with Act 76!

Family Child Care Homes Receive More State Funding

Starting this month, some family child care homes participating in the Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP) are receiving increased reimbursement rates from the state! Family child care homes are especially crucial in Vermont's more rural communities, and the rate increases included in Act 76 are making a big difference for home-based programs and increasing access for families.

Eligibility for Child Care Tuition Assistance Expands to Include Vermonters Who Are Not U.S. Citizens

As of July 1, there is no citizenship requirement to receive child care tuition assistance, allowing Vermont children who are otherwise eligible for CCFAP to qualify. Income eligibility for families will expand again in October, when thousands more Vermont families may qualify. Click here for more information on Act 76 and child care tuition assistance.

Child Care Contribution Rollout

This month, Vermont’s new Child Care Contribution went into effect. This modest, new payroll tax established by Act 76 is a direct, public investment in our children, our families, our small businesses, and our workforce. For a Vermonter earning $60,000, their contribution will be just $66/year to support a sustainable child care system now and into the future. Not all Vermonters will be impacted–the tax is paid by employers and employees, the folks who most need and benefit from a thriving child care system.

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