Feb 22, 2024

Coming Soon: Child Care Tuition Assistance for More Vermont Families

Child Care Tuition Assistance Coming Soon for More Vermont Families

Progress toward Vermont’s child care solution is underway as Act 76 rolls out. This year, over 7,000 more families will become eligible for child care tuition assistance from the state. Here’s what you need to know:

How Act 76 Lowers Child Care Costs:

Act 76 expands the income eligibility criteria for Vermont’s child care tuition assistance program (known as the Child Care Financial Assistance Program, or CCFAP). Beginning in April 2024, the state will help more Vermont families pay for child care as a result of this eligibility expansion. In October, the eligibility criteria will expand again. The result is more affordable child care for the majority of Vermont families.

In April, eligibility expands from 350% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to 400%. By October 2024, families earning up to 575% of FPL may be eligible for tuition assistance; that means a family of four earning up to $179,400 may qualify. Read more about the eligibility criteria here.

How Do I Access Lower Child Care Tuition Payments?

Newly eligible families will need to apply for tuition assistance (CCFAP). After a family enrolls, the state directly reimburses the child care programs that their children attend. As a result, the family’s out-of-pocket tuition bills are lower.

Visit the state website to view the eligibility requirements and contact your regional community child care support agency (CCCSA) for assistance.

What Else do I Need to Know about Tuition Assistance?

The true cost of child care is unaffordable for most families, and many child care programs survive on tight margins trying to make their programs affordable to families. This is unsustainable for families and child care programs, resulting in many parents leaving the workforce and program closures.

That’s why Vermonters asked for long-term, sustainable investments in child care: it gives our youngest children the best start and provides families with access to a critical service so they can thrive and participate in the workforce.

Many families already qualify for Vermont’s tuition assistance program and use it to access more affordable child care. With the expanded income eligibility, the state is helping thousands more families afford this essential service. And because Act 76 invests directly into child care programs by reimbursing child care providers closer to the true cost of care, program quality and capacity will also grow.

Investing in child care is not only the right thing to do for our children, but it will also allow hundreds of Vermont parents to reenter the workforce, boosting the state’s economy in the long run as well.

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