Feb 6, 2023

Child Care Campaign Weekly Blog: Monday, February 6, 2023

The bill is here!

Senators Ginny Lyons and Ruth Hardy introduced S.56, an act relating to child care and early childhood education this past Wednesday.

With sponsorship from more than half the Vermont Senate we are celebrating this historic moment and entirely grateful to you for your years of advocacy to arrive at this milestone.

That said, in the words of a long-time supporter, “S.56 is like a block of clay that requires molding to complete the [child care] sculpture we’ve been envisioning together”.

So, we look forward to working with legislative champions this session to advance a bill that secures accessibility, affordability, and quality in Vermont’s 0 – 5 child care system, and your voice continues to matter hugely in this conversation.

Thank you for the more than 2,000 contacts into legislators last week alone. Your strong and vocal support is powerful!

Looking to learn more about the bill and next steps? Check out these items:

Rewatch Our Q&A about the Bill

Whether you attended the “The Bill Is Here, Now What?” webinar or not, find the recording of our S.56 intro, along with questions from supporters about S.56.

Mark Your Calendars: Child Care for Vermont Rally

Sign-up is live for the “Child Care for Vermont” rally on April 12th! Please click here to sign-up and spread the word among your circles of influence.

Read the Latest News Updates

Finally, in case you missed it, enjoy this newsroom round-up:

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