Jun 4, 2020

A message of solidarity from the Let's Grow Kids staff

Let’s Grow Kids stands in solidarity with the family of George Floyd and all Black families who have been, and continue to be, traumatized by the systemic, dehumanizing racism that has permeated American history, runs rampant in today’s society, and infects us all.

We acknowledge that our heartbreak is not enough. Our words are not enough. Our values, our mission, our commitments, written on a webpage, are not enough. We know even our pledge to be part of the solution is not enough, considering the violence, terror, and oppression Black people have been experiencing for over 400 years in our own communities, businesses, organizations, schools, and child care programs.

Let’s Grow Kids will keep working and driving toward justice through equitable access to high-quality early childhood education in Vermont. Let’s Grow Kids shares the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s vision of early learning communities that teach our children to “express comfort and joy with human diversity; to increasingly recognize injustice; and to have the will and the skills to act against prejudice.”

We commit our organization and ourselves to being anti-racist in all aspects of our work and to use our platform to raise Black voices. We commit to listen actively, to learn openly, and to examine and question our privilege and tolerance of systemic racism, in order to disrupt structures of oppression.

~The Let's Grow Kids team

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