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Tanya Vyhovsky


What is your vision for Vermont's early care and education system, and how would you propose funding this system? 

In order to attract and keep young families in Vermont we must expand affordable and high quality childcare and we must do so in a way that pays early educators livable, fair wages. Our children are our future and we must make investments in our future. One way to begin this process would be by expanding public education to include pre-k beginning at age 3. If we were to shift our education funding system away from a property tax based system, that is regressive, and to an income based education tax system we would bolster revenu into the public education system that would begin to make this expansion feasible. Currently, about ? of our taxpayers are paying towards education in an income sensitive way. However, those in the top earning brackets are paying a substantially lower percentage of their income towards education than are those in middle and lower brackets. By asking all to pay their fair share we would lower the burden on working families, making Vermont more affordable, and increase the revenue into our education system. We will need to continue to collaborate and utilize creative thinking to further bolster this system but it is imperative that we make these kinds of investments in Vermont’s future.


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