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Peter Welch


What is your vision for Vermont's early care and education system, and how would you propose funding this system? 

Congress must provide the necessary resources for schools to adequately deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. School children across the country, in the name of public health, have had their education upended. The House passed HEROES Act provided flexible funding to states and municipalities so they can implement remote learning and provide much needed services for students most impacted by the disruption in their learning. In addition to providing additional funding, Congress must use its oversight power to uphold the integrity of legislation like the Every Student Succeeds Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  These bills provide the framework for states to provide universal access to high quality education, but they have been eroded by the Trump Administration and Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. Congress must act to prevent the diversion of funds to private schools and maintain key provisions like Title I and Title IX that ensure equitable access to education. We must work to close the homework gap that disadvantages rural and low income students. I have cosponsored legislation to ensure a student’s ability to learn isn't hindered by lack of access to technology and high speed broadband. Finally, Congress must expand access to childcare and head start programs. I am a cosponsor of the Child Care for Working Families Act - a comprehensive early learning and child care bill to ensure affordable, high-quality child care for working middle class families and those living paycheck to paycheck. I also voted in support of the Child Care is Essential Act, which would provide grant money to child care providers to help them reopen safely, and the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act, which includes tax provisions to help make child care more affordable and additional assistance for child care providers. 


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