Apr 18, 2019

No After School Child Care

No After School Child Care

We live in Bridport, Vermont and the school has no after school child care. Because of this, we have had to put our child in private school, paying a tuition we really cannot afford. We have no other option. I know other parents in the same situation who have had to completely change their work schedules to the detriment of their family life. We are fortunate enough to be able to afford private school, but it puts a big financial strain on our family and we could be saving that money for college. Because of this situation, we may not be able to afford college. Every school should have an after school program. If there are not enough kids at the school, they should bus them to a nearby school and consolidate programs. We also have no coverage for school vacations and I ofter drive my kids over an hour a day just to find someone who can watch them. We are considering leaving Vermont. It is getting just too difficult.

~L.B., Bridport

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