The Tax Consequences of Coping with COVID-19 presented by Tom Copeland (online, real-time training)

This Northern Lights-approved online, real-time training will focus on the record keeping and tax implications of COVID-19. Participants will learn:

  • How to calculate your Time-Space% with reduced hours
  • How to report state and federal SBA grants/loans on your tax return
  • What expenses you can deduct because of COVID-19
  • If stimulus checks and unemployment benefits are taxable income
  • If you should borrow from your IRA or claim Social Security benefits early

Presenter, Tom Copeland has been the nation's leading trainer, author, and advocate on the business of family child care since 1981.
Tom is a licensed attorney, has presented hundreds of business workshops for family child care providers and has written nine books on the business of family child care. He answers thousands of calls and emails each year to help providers, tax professionals, and trainers understand complex business and tax issues.

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