Inspiring Early Childhood Leadership: Strategies to Ignite Passion and Possibility

Please Note:  This is a three part series-professional development—Participants must be sure to fully attend all three Wednesday sessions on April 28, May 26, and June 16 (6:00 PM–7:30 PM). This Northern Lights-approved, online, real-time training is for emerging leaders or those already in leadership roles.

Positive strengths-based leadership is a key factor in transforming the quality of educational programs. Through interactive experiences, we will explore well-researched, inspirational, and motivational leadership techniques, focusing on strength-based communication, collaboration, positivity, and delegating with confidence. Our work together will focus on:

  • Motivating and inspiring teachers
  • Bringing renewed energy, joy, engagement and intentionality into our learning communities
  • Embracing and facilitating change
  • Creating healthy, dynamic workplace relationships in our respective contexts
  • Reconnecting to our own passion with a renewed sense of purpose in our work

Our fundamental goal is to inspire and guide leaders to move past their current challenges toward a vision of new possibilities—leaving refreshed, recharged, and ready to facilitate positive change in their daily work and learning communities.

Facilitator: Susan Macdonald

Click here to register for all three dates in the series.**Participants must be a member of NAEYC/VTAEYC OR member of a Vermont Early Childhood Network OR willing to become a member of either (details to join are included with registration).

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