Early Childhood Brain Development—Aligning for Impact (online, real-time presentation)

We are excited to extend an invitation from the Larner College of Medicine and the UVM Department of Pediatrics to all Vermont early childhood educators to join our health care partners in the upcoming Virtual/Online Pediatric Grand Rounds discussion with Lee Savio Beers, MD, FAAP:

Renowned for her work in early childhood, mental health, and advocacy, Dr. Beers has a wealth of knowledge to share around early childhood development and brain architecture, and how we can all work together, especially in these challenging times, to support children and families. While she cannot join us in person as we had hoped, Dr. Beers will be joining us on from Washington, DC, where she is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and the Medical Director for Community Health and Advocacy within the Goldberg Center for Community Pediatric Health and Child Health Advocacy Institute at Children’s National Hospital. 

This Northern Lights-approved Pediatric Grand Rounds discussion and presentation represents a truly momentous opportunity to further our partnership and lay the groundwork for future collaboration. 

Click here to register.

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