A Thriving Economy Starts with Child Care

The Let’s Grow Kids Business Leadership Circle

Join our Business Leadership Circle to show your support, lend your name, and offer your expertise as we build a Child Care Campaign for Vermont’s future. You will join business leaders across Vermont who believe transforming our child care system will support children and families and ensure our businesses and economy thrive.

As a Business Leadership Circle Member, you will:

• Be listed publicly as a business champion who supports accessible, affordable, high-quality child care and the campaign to get us there by 2025.

• Stand with us to support a public financing mechanism for child care that is sustainable, targeted, and can fund a high-quality child care system that caps family costs at no more than 10% of annual income and ensures early educators are fairly-compensated.


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Business Leaders Are Talking About Child Care


Op-Eds from the business community


Business leaders across Vermont, in diverse industries and sizes, have told us that your ability to thrive depends on your employees’ ability to show up. Yet thousands of Vermont families can’t find or afford child care. When employees don’t have child care, employers struggle to recruit and retain the best workforce. Vermont business leaders understand the value of innovation and investment. Let’s work together to ensure that every family has access to child care so that your businesses grow and our economy can thrive.


The Economic Impact of Child Care: ReSEARCH and Reports