Sep 12, 2019

What We're Reading, September 2019

Whether you have been sharing your story, speaking in your community or with your legislators, or investing philanthropically in Let's Grow Kids, you are part of a national movement. Just like in Vermont, the national child care conversation is growing stronger and louder as others like you are joining in. Here are a few of our favorite recent commentaries on child care in America:

The Costly Burden of Day Care and Preschool (The New York Times Parenting)

A YouGov online survey created in collaboration with NYT Parenting found that some parents are going into debt to pay for child care. This article dives into the results of the survey and the impact the high cost of child care is having on families.  
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A Radical Idea to Help College Students Succeed: Child Care (Forbes

One quarter of US college students have dependents. Recent research found that these students are "time poor"—they don't have the time necessary to balance school, parenting and often work, which impacts their ability to complete their degree(s). This article discusses how providing high-quality child care to these parents, in particular, would make a significant impact on this often overlooked population of college students.
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Why the US Has Long Resisted Universal Child Care (The New York Times)

The US had something close to universal child care during WWI and almost created a universal child care system in 1972 before President Nixon vetoed it due to its "family-weakening implications." This article discusses the importance of quality, affordable and accessible child care and how the current policy is not working for families to the point that it's exacerbating gender inequality rather than helping to address it. 
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Patty and Megan: 2 Generations of Mothers on the Need for Affordable Child Care (Center for American Progress)

Child care is a multi-generational issue that especially affects women who parent. Many of the financial and job sacrifices mothers had to make for their children decades ago are still necessary today. In this powerful video, watch Patty and her daughter Megan discuss how a lack of sustained investment in quality, affordable child care affects their family.
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