Nov 15, 2019

What We're Reading, November 2019

Whether you have been sharing your story, activating your community, talking with your legislators, or investing philanthropically in Let's Grow Kids, you are part of a national movement. Just like in Vermont, the national child care conversation is growing stronger and louder as others like you are joining in. Here are a few of our favorite recent commentaries on child care in America:

The Child Care Crisis (Time)

“I can afford to have a child, I just can’t afford to pay for their care for the first three years of their life.” Here’s an insightful (and photographically beautiful) overview of child care challenges faced by families and early educators around the country.
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Why Are Child Care Providers Paid So Poorly? (Brave Little State

OK, this one isn’t national. It’s from Vermont but it’s so good, we won’t be surprised when it attracts national attention. VPR tackles the question of adequate compensation for early childhood educators from a number of angles, including by speaking with our very own CEO Aly Richards.
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It's Time to Ask a Different Question About Preschool Effectiveness (Learning Policy Institute)

When assessing the impact of prekindergarten, it’s important to ask the right question. This article discusses the key elements of high-quality pre-K and answers the question, under what conditions does access to pre-K make a long-term difference for children?
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Nationwide Child Care Poll: Child Care Costs Impact Families’ Employment, Savings, and Future Planning (Bipartisan Policy Center)

This poll found that most American families with children under the age of five have had to make significant changes to their budgets to afford child care. The availability of high-quality, affordable child care has also proved a barrier to parents remaining in the workforce, seeking a job if they don’t currently have one, or saving for emergencies and retirement.
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