Jul 11, 2019

What We're Reading, July 2019

Whether you have been sharing your story, speaking in your community or with your legislators, or investing philanthropically in Let's Grow Kids, you are part of a national movement. Just like in Vermont, the national child care conversation is growing stronger and louder as others like you are joining in. Here are a few of our favorite recent commentaries on child care in America:

Research Finds Early Childhood Education Strengthens Families (WTTW Chicago PBS) 

New research by the University of Chicago finds that disadvantaged children who received high-quality early childhood education are reaping the benefits of that program 50 years later in terms of better life outcomes – and so are their offspring. The accompanying news video includes an interview with Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman.
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The Child Care Primary (The American Interest)

Child care is emerging as a major topic on the policy agenda during this presidential election cycle. Here's a well-balanced article on the issue from The American Interest.
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Imagine an America in Which Every Child Starts off on the Right Foot (Chicago Sun-Times)

Here's a great editorial that illustrates how other communities are impacted by the child care crisis conveyed in the documentary film No Small Matter.
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Establishing the Building Blocks of High-Quality, Early Childhood Education (The Hill)

In this editorial from The Hill, Dr. Amanda Williford of the University of Virginia Curry School of Education and Human Development argues that we must support our early childhood educators as a central part of any effort to address the child care crisis.
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